Our longhouse
is located 30 km north of Lorient, in the beautiful region called "the country of King Morvan". The Pont Calleck Forest (500ha) is just 200 meters from our property, and lovers of hiking, whatever their level, will find their account. The hiking trails run right along the Scorff Valley, a meeting place for picnickers, fishermen and nature lovers in general. And it's also in January and February that the canoe-kayak season begins on a wild and tumultuous Scorff.
If you're athletic, why not go mountain biking, or just ride a bike? These are not the roads reserved only for 2 wheels that are missing here!

Kernascléden is located 2 km from us. It is his church which is the reputation of the place, one of the most beautiful in Britain with its remarkable wall paintings of the 15th century ("the dance of death", hell "," angels musicians ") that will delight fans of art. The recent "House of the bat" will take you on an unforgettable journey with the ladies of the night. Or maybe you prefer windsurfing? The beautiful Lake Priziac is just 7 km from here. Our region offers more multiple marked trails, allowing the practice of hiking in all its forms, whether on mountain bike, horseback, on foot, trailer. And for horse lovers, "L'Ecurie Les Trois Allures" in Kernascléden will offer you the practice of riding in a natural and pleasant, whatever your level. In short, for athletes, there is plenty to do. We are located in a region where the inhabitants maintain true and original relations with the nature, the soil, the landscape, the religion and the festival. Here, everywhere, the man has left traces of its passage and its implantation. And that's why there is so much to discover both pictorially and culturally

At the Faouët les Halles 16th century, the exceptional site of St.Barbe and the elegant chapel St.Fiacre and fabulous rood screen.

At Quistinic, the renovated village of Poul Fétan takes us back in time, and we find the gestures of peasant life as they were in the last centuries.

The surrounding communes, Langonnet, Plouray, Ploërdut, St.Tugdal, Lignol, St.Yves etc., have in common that they all have magnificent churches. In addition, the rehabilitation of the rural heritage, which has been very active in recent years, has the direct consequence of beautifying these once gray and sad communes.

More and more parks and castles open to the public. Some are already well known as Trévarez in Saint Goazec, Huelgoat and his "chaos" or Tronjoly, place of exhibition in Gourin.

The museum of Faouët will allow the visitor to discover a more romantic Brittany through the artists who painted it in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Guéméné should not be forgotten, charming little town in the very picturesque historical center, and a unique culinary specialty, the andouille. Delicious.